Central Catholic and Oakland Catholic run a concession for all Steeler and Pitt games and Concerts throughout the summer.  We're located in the Great Hall and basically serve up hot dogs, pizza, snacks, soft drinks and beer.  On a typical game day, you can expect to put in about 7 hours from start to finish.  We try to always staff the stand with 14 people which accounts for 8 register workers, 1 pizza, 1 pretzel, 2 hot dog/ nachos, 1 runner and 1 stand leader.

Below is the schedule for 2016 and a payout sheet for what you would earn per event.  The nice thing is you never see the money, as it is sent directly to the school and placed in your son's account.  None of it has to be reported for taxes.

Important:  You must be trained by Aramark to work.  There are two areas, safe food and alcohol that are presented at Heinz Field.  It usually takes about 1.5 hours to complete both.  You cannot work unless you are trained by their staff.   Training dates below.

You can then sign up for any event on the schedule.  An email is sent out about 10 days before each game to confirm you are working.  Once you commit, you must be there to work.  If you do not show up for a game and Aramark has to replace you, you will be charged the payout price to pay their worker.   Look over the information and if you want to sign up for training or games, or simply have questions, contact Diane Antosik at diantosik@verizon.net.

Heinz Field Fundraising Program

Here is the fine print:  

1. Any funds earned, but not used by graduation are forfeited.

2. Any inter school fund exchanges are between you and the school finance office. 

3.  CC Soccer policy, our Treasurer reconciles your funds earned , as reported by the program, with activity fees owed and the difference is settled at the soccer season's end (November 1).   Any funds earned after the season's end would acrue for next season.